Here at The Review of the tube we are dedicated to giving you the absolutely best reviews on TV shows and Movies and more. We are not some old guy in his parents basement and we don’t have some rich dad who was a critic 50 years ago like some people who are so called “critics” We just tell you the truth what’s good and what sucks. No Agenda No politics No rules.
We are dedicated to be the worlds #1 info site on all of entertainment but we will need help. We will need you!
So if you are sick and tired of these so called “critics” telling you a show like How I met your Mother is great and telling you that Lena Dunham is a beautiful person then join us. We will not insult your intelligence
Honesty is our ONLY policy
Check out the left side at recent post to start reading all our reviews. We are DIY as of now so we need to use wordpress until we can get some action. So welcome to the beginning of something special


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