Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


2  1/2   STARS OUT OF 4

The Last Stand got killed by critics and in  the box office and I don’t really understand why?  You knew what you were getting from the trailer and you knew what you were getting from ARNOLD. The Last Stand is by no means a awful movie in fact I enjoyed it a ton. Yeah The Last Stand is not The Departed or The Town but it’s not trying to be either. It’s a cheesy classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick plain and simple.  The movie did have a decent plot and the only difference really from The Last Stand than older Schwarzenegger movies is he is now 65 years old and shoots more with guns than hand to hand combat. I applaud Arnold for The Last Stand, for the guy to be out of Hollywood for 10 years he came back with a solid action flick. The movie kept me interested till the very end and there was some well done violence and car chasing scenes. So instead of these so called critics bashing this film maybe take The Last Stand for what it really is a good time. These snob critics that work for these main stream news papers just want to show the world they are to smart for a movie like this. After all if it don’t have subtitles and it’s not a independent drama about someone dying of a horrible disease then the movie sucks in their pathetic minds. You know what I will stick to cheesy action movies and I will have a good time watching movies like The Last Stand because after all isn’t watching a movie supposed to be a good time? The Last Stand is a good time…


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