Walking Dead “this sorrowful life” Recap

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized



So as I stated a couple weeks ago Walking Dead is not a show I look forward to anymore. I remember season 1 I was going through withdrawals all week just waiting for Sunday night to catch a new episode of Walking Dead but since season 1 the show has been slow and painful with a few exceptions here and there. Sunday 3/24/13 “This Sorrowful Life” episode almost made me get excited. We did finally get to see some zombie killing and we did have a big moment in the show but was the episode a 4 star episode or did it even compare to any episode in season 1? NOPE but I love zombies and I think this is as good as the show can possibly get so I will take it.  Usually when a fantastic episode ends on a show you have that feeling “I can’t wait for next week!” but honestly I don’t seem to care that much, yeah I will watch it cause it’s a show about zombies but I’m not all excited about it anymore. I think for the most part I just don’t care because what the show has become. Zombies seem as though they are not really a threat anymore on this show almost as if they are just there, they are just this annoying thing the writers wish would just go away so they can focus more on the romance between Glen and Maggie. Does anybody really care about those 2 at all? Remember season 1 when the group was terrified of the zombies and the zombies were a real threat? (by the way I know they call them “WALKERS” but they are zombies)  I remember when the zombies A.K.A walkers could smell you and they were attracted to noise but in Season 2 that all went out the window when the group could fire off rounds and rounds of ammo and guess what the group did not seem to worried about attracting walkers very much. How about in season 2 when they were hiding underneath cars on the highway? Wouldn’t the walkers smell them? I mean in season 1 they had to wear zombie guts around their necks just so the zombies would not smell them fro crying out loud! Well now guess what, the zombies suddenly are attracted to noise again evident by the walkers hearing the sound of a car alarm. Maybe they can just hear car alarms? Maybe the Walkers are sponsored by The Club? You know what Club I mean….. THIS CLUB! 0

Whatever the case maybe the show does get confusing sometimes but I have to give credit where credit is due at least Sunday’s episode was watchable and I did not fall asleep. We only have 1 more episode for this season and I’m sure it’s going to be a ratings bonanza but let’s be honest this season has been down right awful.  I think the guys who love zombie movies and the comic book guys all know this is the case but I do not feel as if they really care about our demo anymore. Yeah when it first started they loved us cause we carried the show but now the show is driven for house wives, 18 year old girls and the high school football team.  I  hope the season finale is epic, I really want to get into this show again but unfortunately I have a feeling it will just be another filler episode for 48 min then the last 5 min something cool is going to happen and…….Stay tuned for next season of Walking Dead


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