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Here at Reviews of the tube, we review everything on TV and technically WWE is on TV and we have a big wrestling fan on staff who keeps complaining at our meetings we should talk about WWE programming we decoded to write about it. Trust me the issue if we should write about WWE has been a huge debate in the last month around here. Some say we don’t seem legit talking wrestling and some say WWE has a big audience and is on TV SO WE NEED TO COVER IT! So without further ado here is our WWE correspondent Steve to talk some Wrastling.

WrestleMania Vince McMahon will tell you it’s the biggest spectacle in sports right?  Usually at this time everybody is excited about the matches and the build has been weeks in the making but not this year. We just found out who will be challenging The Undertakers 20- 0 streak 2 weeks ago and what was once billed as once in a lifetime match at WrestleMania last year is now happening again with John Cena facing The Rock or what he likes to be called Dwayne Johnson.  WrestleMania is only a week and a half away and there has been no hype and no momentum going into MetLife stadium in NY/NJ. If somebody would of told me that WrestleMania would be at Metlife stadium I would of thought “whoa that’s going to be a epic card” but Vince McMahon seemed to throw this WrestleMania together faster than he thought of the Max Moon character. There had to be no thought going into this.  WM matches are usually oneds you have been wating to see but this years they are all repeat matches that we have already seen. Going into a WM we usually have a champion that is out on about promoting WM but the champion this year is The Rock..Excuse me Dwayne Johnson and yeah he has been doing the talk show rounds appearing on all the late night talk shows ect ect but The Rock has not brought up the fact that not only is WM coming in 2 weeks but he also fails to mention that he is the WWE CHAMP! Instead The Rock went on all these shows to promote his GI JOE 2 movie which if it is anything like the first one then it will be awful anyways. So here we go our Main event for WrestleMania the biggest spectacle in sports and The WWE is not even promoting it. If that’s not bad enough the WWE champ is hardly even on TV on Monday Nights. This years WM has been a mess plain and simple. Undertaker VS Punk is a rushed storyline and is not believable that Punk even has a chance. WWE is banking on people just simply ordering on PPV just because it’s WM.  The possible scenario that could happen that could actually make this WrestleMania a history making one would be if John Cena loses and becomes a heel but the fact that it is super Cena and WWE is in the TVPG land and Cena sells. So it’s unlikely WWE pulls the trigger and gives the audience somethingspecial






Well one more episode left and we are left not excited.  It was another boring episode of a boring season of Justified, nothing new here. We were really hoping we would of got a exciting episode leading up to the finale to save this awful season but sadly we did not. What a shame…. Justified was such a excellent show, season 1 was fantastic, season 2 was slow until the end and season 3 was the best so we at Reviews of the tube were hoping for a fantastic follow up season but we are disappointed. Everything went wrong in season 4, there was no real villain and not enough action,drama and suspense to keep us hooked. All season 4 had to offer was the whole Drew Thompson thing which turned out disappointing. It was predictable and not exciting. Drew Thompson as we said last week should of been a better character, someone who you were not expecting. Most people were really hoping it was going to be Chief Deputy Art.  As far as I know now Justified has not announced yet for a season 5 so if this is the end what a horrible way to go out, going out on the worst season in the shows history. We still got the finale so let’s hope somehow they make it epic and salvage the season the but would 1 episode make us all forget the previous bad episodes in season 4.




So as I stated a couple weeks ago Walking Dead is not a show I look forward to anymore. I remember season 1 I was going through withdrawals all week just waiting for Sunday night to catch a new episode of Walking Dead but since season 1 the show has been slow and painful with a few exceptions here and there. Sunday 3/24/13 “This Sorrowful Life” episode almost made me get excited. We did finally get to see some zombie killing and we did have a big moment in the show but was the episode a 4 star episode or did it even compare to any episode in season 1? NOPE but I love zombies and I think this is as good as the show can possibly get so I will take it.  Usually when a fantastic episode ends on a show you have that feeling “I can’t wait for next week!” but honestly I don’t seem to care that much, yeah I will watch it cause it’s a show about zombies but I’m not all excited about it anymore. I think for the most part I just don’t care because what the show has become. Zombies seem as though they are not really a threat anymore on this show almost as if they are just there, they are just this annoying thing the writers wish would just go away so they can focus more on the romance between Glen and Maggie. Does anybody really care about those 2 at all? Remember season 1 when the group was terrified of the zombies and the zombies were a real threat? (by the way I know they call them “WALKERS” but they are zombies)  I remember when the zombies A.K.A walkers could smell you and they were attracted to noise but in Season 2 that all went out the window when the group could fire off rounds and rounds of ammo and guess what the group did not seem to worried about attracting walkers very much. How about in season 2 when they were hiding underneath cars on the highway? Wouldn’t the walkers smell them? I mean in season 1 they had to wear zombie guts around their necks just so the zombies would not smell them fro crying out loud! Well now guess what, the zombies suddenly are attracted to noise again evident by the walkers hearing the sound of a car alarm. Maybe they can just hear car alarms? Maybe the Walkers are sponsored by The Club? You know what Club I mean….. THIS CLUB! 0

Whatever the case maybe the show does get confusing sometimes but I have to give credit where credit is due at least Sunday’s episode was watchable and I did not fall asleep. We only have 1 more episode for this season and I’m sure it’s going to be a ratings bonanza but let’s be honest this season has been down right awful.  I think the guys who love zombie movies and the comic book guys all know this is the case but I do not feel as if they really care about our demo anymore. Yeah when it first started they loved us cause we carried the show but now the show is driven for house wives, 18 year old girls and the high school football team.  I  hope the season finale is epic, I really want to get into this show again but unfortunately I have a feeling it will just be another filler episode for 48 min then the last 5 min something cool is going to happen and…….Stay tuned for next season of Walking Dead


Justified 2 episodes left

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Well that seemed really quick… Justified only has 2 episodes left for this weak season, outside of 1 or 2 good episodes this season has not been very good. Justified just had no juice like it did last season it had no great villain. It was just kind of there and we just watched and waited for something big but it never came. The big thing was who was Drew Thompson and honestly that was not that big of a surprise nor was it that big of a deal.he Readers on here are all saying they were hoping  Drew Thompson was going to be the Chief Deputy Art Mullen. I think that would of been a great idea and really pumped some fire in the ass of Justified but instead they went with the obvious and a character who is not really a big player in the show. We still got 2 more episodes so who’s to say Justified does not pull out all the stops and somehow salvage this bad season and make it yet another epic season of Justified? I feel as if this very well could happen and the reason why I feel this way is because after all this drew Thompson mess we still have Boyd in the mix. Nothing makes Justified more fun than a great Boyd vs Raylan shoot out. I’m just hoping they don’t kill  off Boyd, if they do that they mine as well not go on for another season. So for all the ROTT Nation and Justified fanatics out there don’t panic!

Here is the reasons why:

Boyd, If Boyd is around then we know anything could and will happen.

Duffy, What’s his next move?  More importantly how is this guy still alive!

Winonna, Yes Wionna! Remember her? She has to make some sort of appearance now. Maybe she has the baby?

Colt and Deputy Tim Gutterson: You know this fight is going to happen



Season 1 is wrapped up and Banshee has moved into greatness. Banshee has cemented it”s self into one of the greatest opening seasons of any TV show of all time….At least according to we at ROTT but if you are keeping score at home then you know ROTT is the only review/critic site that really matters. Prison Break currently does hold the title as #1 in our minds.. We will make a whole thread on this subject later but for now let’s stay on topic with Banshee’s greatness. Banshee ended Friday night with a bang, we got sex,Blood,Violence,guns and some kick ass fights but isn’t that every episode of Banshee? Yeah it is but Banshee managed to actually tie up some knots with the story telling as well as keeping you interested enough to hold on for a year fro season 2. Most shows season finales usually don’t measure up especially if it’s just a season finale they usually leave you hanging for wanting more answers. Banshee does not fuck you over.

I wrote last week that Walking Dead was very boring.. Well at least they don’t give up that goal.
Walking Dead once again sucked Sunday night and it seems they have no signs of slowing down the bore fest. On this weeks Walking Dead we had a whopping 4 zombie kills which all came in 30 seconds. All this talk would not bother us so much if it was a little bit interesting and if it would go somewhere. They both came into the conversation with the idea for war and they left with that same idea. Hmmmm maybe that’s something they could of wrapped up in 5 maybe 10 minutes? It took all my might to stay awake for this episode, I got 40 minutes in then decided to watch Bar Rescue. Sorry but Bar Rescue is more entertaining than Walking Dead these days. I did tune back to AMC for Talking Dead which is funny watching that guy from Singled Out pretend that we just all watched something that was so great. I actually felt bad for him this week. How do you discuss that episode for a full 30 min? “Ok so let’s get into this weeks Walking Dead, In this episode there was a lot of talking….Then there was more….Then there was more and then the show ended!”
I think people may start to admit to themselves now this show is not very good, they have to right? How many episodes can you possibly waste your time on?
I only wish this show could be as good as it was in Season 1, Hell I wish it would be like Season 2 at this point.

Banshee-ShowcardVerticalWe have a champion……. With only 1 more episode left and coming off the heels of another epic episode of Banshee I think it’s pretty safe to say there is no show on TV that comes close to Banshee. Friday episode was pretty much a huge lead up to the finale and it was a epic lead up. It seems as if we will have a crazy war go on in the finale and Hood is going to need some extra man power and that extra man power will be Proctor. All the lies and secrets mostly have been exposed and now it’s all about the fight to survive. Some big questions remain though, for instance will the whole town find out there really is no detective Hood? Well there was once a real detective Hood but his brains are now being eaten up by warms 6 feet under. Cinemax has signed up Banshee for a second season so if the people of Banshee do find out the secret how does the show go on from there? I for one hope somehow it remains a secret since I love the whole idea that a criminal has stolen a identity of a sheriff and now running around town playing cop. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the finale, I’m just hoping it will live up to the hype it’s going to get by Banshee NATION all week. One thing is certain though, Banshee is without a doubt the best show on TV. Banshee makes The Walking dead look like a very special episode of Full House