Daily 3: Most over rated TV shows ever

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized




Sopranos was not awful by any means, I think it was GOOD. I did enjoy some of it but the praise from the critics I believe was a bit much. The show got very boring half way through and season finale was horrible. I’m not saying Sopranos as a whole was a horrible show I just think it was a bit over rated and that’s why it made our list. I think Americans love Mob movies and shows so they automatically will be tuned in. Mob movies are cool and this was a great idea but I felt there were a ton of boring episodes in the Sopranos.





Smoke monsters, ghost and back stories of Jack’s tattoo staring Bai Ling is the reason why LOST made #2 on our list. Lost fan’s can’t be honest so we will have to. LOST was a long show with more bad seasons then good ones. How cutting edge can you really be being on a network owned by Disney. LOST season 1 was a great season but after that the show got stupid. The show was a mess. Remember when the writers introduced us to Nikki and Paolo.. So sorry die hard LOST fans your show was not good and it will also go down as one of the worst series finales of all time






1) The Wire


The Wire was HBO’s first show, It was the first cop show where you heard the word “FUCK” and The Wire made sure we heard it over and over. The Wire still has fans even know I believe if The Wire came out today it would be cancelled after one episode.  That first episode of The Wire was painfully boring and so is the whole season 1. I challenge anyone who has never seen The Wire to go and try to watch Season 1 and then get back to me. I would be willing to bet you can’t get past the first 3 episodes before you come back begging to make it stop. I guess were just not “smart” because we don’t like “slow” shows. Sorry The Wire can’t touch The Shield which is the greatest cop drama of all time.. I have doubt’s that there really is Wire fans. I think it was a cool thing to say back then that you liked The Wire because on paper so show sounds good but then you watch it and you are bored to tears, but hey man they say FUCK.


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