Walking Dead continues to Bore us all

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I wrote last week that Walking Dead was very boring.. Well at least they don’t give up that goal.
Walking Dead once again sucked Sunday night and it seems they have no signs of slowing down the bore fest. On this weeks Walking Dead we had a whopping 4 zombie kills which all came in 30 seconds. All this talk would not bother us so much if it was a little bit interesting and if it would go somewhere. They both came into the conversation with the idea for war and they left with that same idea. Hmmmm maybe that’s something they could of wrapped up in 5 maybe 10 minutes? It took all my might to stay awake for this episode, I got 40 minutes in then decided to watch Bar Rescue. Sorry but Bar Rescue is more entertaining than Walking Dead these days. I did tune back to AMC for Talking Dead which is funny watching that guy from Singled Out pretend that we just all watched something that was so great. I actually felt bad for him this week. How do you discuss that episode for a full 30 min? “Ok so let’s get into this weeks Walking Dead, In this episode there was a lot of talking….Then there was more….Then there was more and then the show ended!”
I think people may start to admit to themselves now this show is not very good, they have to right? How many episodes can you possibly waste your time on?
I only wish this show could be as good as it was in Season 1, Hell I wish it would be like Season 2 at this point.

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