The Americans hits a speed bump

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized




The Americans has been excellent first season so far, Hell it’s been the best TV show of 2013. So we were very disappointed with the latest episode “Covert War” here’s to hoping this is not a sign of things to come cause that was a total bore fest.  I really must say I can’t stand Kerri Russell, it’s very hard to root for her with that bitchy look on her face all the time. It’s hard enough to get people in USA to watch The Americans and buy in and root for Russian spies to defeat America.  I keep waiting for The Jennings to turn on Russia and start working with USA but the more the show goes on I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think that would be the best direction for the show since I know a ton of people who simply can not watch a show about rooting for another country to defeat USA. Now with the Boston Bombing I think The Americans is going to turn even more people off. In fact just today at the ROTT offices here in Massachusetts one of our staff members told me today that he can’t stomach the show anymore and he will stop watching since he will just get angry. The episode “Convert War” was pretty much just )a waste of time.


What did we really see anyways? Elizabeth plans on killing the FBI agent who killed the man she admired so much and her mentor Vicktor. So Elizabeth finds out from Granny that her mentor was killed. Granny warns that after she refuses to follow the orders last time she better not make that mistake again. Elizabeth, although, can’t stop thinking about her mentor Vicktor. In particular she remembers their conversation about love. Coming out of her reverie, she tells Phillip that she’s going to hunt down Vicktor’s killer and kill him. Phillip tries to caution her but to no avail. So wow this is going to go down!!!! Nope instead Elizabeth uses sex to trap the FBI agent and then ends up letting him go. I also notice all Phillip and Elizabeth do to get info is sleep with people or pretend they want to. The writers of the show need to think of more creative ways because that is getting a bit redundant. What also bothers me is the disguises Phillip and Elizabeth use. It’s like “Yeah throw on this wig and nobody will notice us”  So if the FBI agent seen Elisabeth’s face he would definitely know it was her. You think just because she does not have those big glasses on and a wig he wouldn’t remember that face? So the show was basically just one big filler with a setup for next weeks show at the tail end when we see some sketches of Phillip and Elizabeth.

Overall it was a terrible episode but I’m sticking with the show after all I have to since there is no other good shows on TV right now. I could go watch one of those awful shows on NBC, CBS or ABC but I rather watch paint dry.

Side not to FX the promos for THE BRIDGE are not working. You can’t get people excited about a new show when you show absolutely nothing about what the show is about. All it does is make me think you have no faith in the show


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