REVIEW: Green Day LIVE at Mohegan Sun CT

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


We just don’t review TV here at ROTT like we always say we will review anything entertainment so when I went to see Green Day in Connecticut last night I was told not only was I going for a good time but I was going to do what we do best REVIEW IT. I arrived about 8:15pm and the opening act was just starting, it was the band called Best Coast. To say that they were awful is an understatement. The songs were awful and the band members looked like they were on work break from Staples. They are not a Rock band nor are they a Punk band I would say they are more of a pop rock meets Hole type band. The crowed hated them and Best Coast seemed to realize that in fact the singer which is female lead singer even threw a few zingers at crowed like “are you people even old enough to gamble” That was a reference to the gig being held at Mohegan Sun casino. I will say though she was right, the crowed was awful. I felt like I was baby sitting most of the night. I was on the floor and I could not help but notice all the 10-16 year old kids there. Why on earth would a parent let their 10-year-old daughters to go see Green Day alone is another story but they really did put a damper on a good show. I like to call them “The American Idiot kids” those are the kids that don’t know such classic albums as Kerplunk Dookie or even Insomniac. They know American Idiot till present. It showed when Billie Joe Armstrong asked the crowed if there was “any vintage Green Day fans here tonight” Of course “The American Idiot kids” screamed but once Green Day belted into 2000 Lights years away the kids seemed bored and lost. These kids were hell bent on ruining the night for real Green Day fans that went to drink and have a good time. In fact a group of about eight 14-year-old girls took the stage and were trying to kiss the members of Green Day which was really uncomftable  for everyone involved  since Green Day is not Justin Beiber and they are in their 40s old enough to be their fathers. AT one point Billie Joe gave one 14 year old girl the chance to sing the iconic song “Longview”. So how did the American Idiot kid do? Well Of course she did not know the words and she bombed. Bille Joe then brought up a kid who looked like he was no older than 11 years old with his Green day shirt on Billie told him “you’re not going to sing but you are going to stage dive” This kid looked like he was going to shit his pants right there on stage.  He of course  half assed it and did not even make it to the crowed. It was an embarrassment by all the American Idiot kids. This is a Warning for all adults and non-American idiot kids. If you go see Green Day these kids will be everywhere and they really are such a bummer. I seen one 14-year-old girl who wrote on her arm with a Sharpie “I LOVE PUNK ROCK”  Yeah so you get the picture right????? So outside of these American Idiot kids Green Day did put on a great performance performing some great GD tunes like F.O.D and Burnout and they also played Coming Clean which is great to see that song being performed live. Green Day did play some songs from their newest albums which were actually good like X KID and 99 revolutions which is their best song in years. Billie Joe did not look like a guy coming out of rehab he showed no signs of slowing down at all. I have seen Green Day now over 15 times in my life and I can say this: Green Day is the greatest Rock band to see live out today. I don’t think I ever seen a better band live. Yeah the American Idiot kids do make the feeling of a GD concert or show less fun now but they can’t take away the greatness of Green Day.  There is no doubt in my mind Green Day made American Idiot to get these kids to buy in but now I think they collected the check and the check cleared they wish they can just go out there and perform for the ones who really made them Green Day but maybe they don’t care, maybe they only care about selling tickets cause let’s be honest without the American Idiot kids Mohegan Sun is not a sell out it would only be about half full. It does suck to get a night out without your own kids, you get a baby sitter and everything then you show up to a Green Day concert only to baby sit somebody else’s kids.  It does suck and I hope that changes soon, so here’s to praying these American Idiot kids find something else that’s trendy and they wash the magic marker writing of “I love Punk Rock” off their arms and give us Green Day back. We were all once that 13 year old kid who loved Green Day but what made us different from The American idiot kids was true knowledge. We loved Green Day but we also knew who Operation Ivy was and Social Distortion. The American Idiot kids go to a Green Day concert wearing Fall Out Boy and Simple Plan T-shirts we went to the Green Day concerts with Screeching Weasel and The Queers shirts on. That’s the difference between “Dookie kids” and  “The American Idiot kids”

Andrew Evans.

Andrew Evans is a graduate of Boston University and has covered bands for local and national media.  Andrew Evans now is a contributor for Reviews of the tube the highly praised website dedicated to reviewing TV, Movies and all of entertainment

  1. ColinBass says:

    Ok i’ll admit, soooooo many kids show up to not just Green Day but basically any punk show not being actual fans or only knowin new stuff and just there for the fashion, but thats not every kid. I’m sixteen and was at that show with my dad, i know every song, every album ect. by green day. We’re not all “american idiot” kids, sure thats how alot of us got in, but thats just because it came out when we were young. Don’t judge us all because of a couple of dumbass posers.

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