The Daily 3: Best Comic Book Movies

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized




3)  Iron Man 2

It’s rare that a sequel is better than the original but this sure is the case for Iron Man 2.  The first Iron Man had to many boring parts and Iron Man2 does have a couple but in all it’s a great comic book movie. I dis like most of these new Marvel comic book movies since they are to cookie cutter for my taste. Once Disney bought in I knew we were never going to get a real great action comic book movie. Iron man 2 is the best Marvel movie they have made



2) The Punisher (1989)

People like to pretend this movie was never made and most people bash it, but I think those people actually never even seen it. How can anyone not like this movie? This movie actually got The Punisher right in my opinion. It was dark and they stayed true to the story without having to cut corners to make sure it got a PG rating. This Punisher has got a R RATING. This is how the Punisher was supposed to be. The new Punisher movies have a lot of explosions and things but not actual fights, that’s not what the Punisher is. The Punisher (1989) version had fist fights. The Punisher kicked some serious ass in this movie. Dolph Lundren also really looked like The Punisher in this movie. He had the look of a real bad ass dude that people would fear. So people can bash it all they want but you will never get a more real version of a comic book and you will never see another Marvel R rated movie again. Also instead of bashing it you should try to watch it.






1) Dark Knight Rises

This is strange how this movie got to be #1 on the list. I actually did not see this in theatres I got the DVD and the first time I watched it I fell asleep I was so bored and did not bother to try again for a month….I’m glad I gave it another shot because it turned out to be my favorite comic book movie ever made. Yeah the beginning was slow and bar Knight and  boring and if you can just get through the painful first 50 min the movie turns out to be epic. I always thought the best Batman movie was Batman Returns but the Dark Knight Rises is more serious and the action is just so much stronger. I did not have that high expectations for this one because I thought The Dark Knight was a bore fest. Dark Knight Rises does what no other comic book movie has ever done, You forget it’s actually a comic book movie. They make it feel so real and so believable and another big reason this is number 1 has to be the 3d stuff. That scene of the football field is just amazing. Sadly this movie never got the credit it deserved due to one douche bag in Colrado who decided to shoot a bunch of people in a movie theatre showing Dark Knight Rises so sadly this movie will always be connected to that tragic night.


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