The Americans continues to be awesome

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized





The Americans returned tonight after a week off due to college basketball in all honesty The Americans is way more entertaining than some 18 year olds playing basketball. The Americans took over Wednesday night with “Safe House”  the episode was perfect just like every episode of The Americans so far. To think that FX considered cancelling this show is crazy but remember FX is the same network that canceled Lights Out which was amazing. The Americans has you glued to the tube from start to finish with no dull moments. Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys continue to be excellent. I would of told you Banshee on Cinemax was the best show so far in 2013 three weeks ago but as The Americans goes on from week to week it’s safe to say nothing comes close to The Americans. How is it possible to watch a show about Russian spies trying to take down USA and you actually root for the Russian spies to win? I don’t know how they do it but they do. The Americans should get some awards for this show since they have some of the best performances on TV we have ever seen. Stan Beeman is putting on a acting clinic on this show maybe the best performance I have seen since Michael Chiklis played the great Vic Mackey on the greatest TV show of all time The Shield. Please if you are not watching The Americans you need to start now! Go catch a marathon or something. You should be already watching anyways if your not you should be locked up in a nut house cause you are crazy


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