Daily Top 3: Shows FX should of kept

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized





A show that could of gotten great if FX gave it time, It was actually just getting pretty good when FX decided not to give it another season.








Unbelievable show, the show had a good run on FX which lasted 3 seasons but once again FX dropped the ball and let it go to DirecTV where it only got better on the Audience network since there the show could be completely  uncensored. This show had the greatest cast in TV history with some of the best performances of all time by John Goodman and Ted Danson. The show also had Glen Close playing Patty Hewes which is one of the best villains in TV history





This has to go down as the biggest mistake not only in the history of FX but in TV to cancel this show. Lights out only lasted 1 season and that 1 season is some of the best television of all time, in fact this show even made our top 10 list as best shows ever which you will see that list soon. Lights out had a great premise, great acting and just a great show overall. What a shame a gem like Lights Out got the boot. This one just boggles my mind how anyone in the right frame of mind could actually take this show off the air. The reason why this epic show got cancelled they say is due to poor ratings but I don’t think they gave the show enough time. If they only let this show continue for 1 more season this is a show that very well could still be on the air. If you never seen this show please go out and get it somehow. It’s got to be available on torrent sites or maybe Netflix or maybe Netflix, just do what you got to do to see this amazing show. By the time you are done watching you will be writing angry email to FX demanding this show gets back on the air.



heres a link to get it on Netflix:


EDIT: Just would also like to add hat if you are a member of Iptorrents which I guess is some kind of torrent site they do have Lights Out available. It’s a hard show to find, I think FX wants to bury it so nobody finds out how stupid they were to cancel LIGHTS OUT




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