Wrestlemania 29 is coming…did u even know?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here at Reviews of the tube, we review everything on TV and technically WWE is on TV and we have a big wrestling fan on staff who keeps complaining at our meetings we should talk about WWE programming we decoded to write about it. Trust me the issue if we should write about WWE has been a huge debate in the last month around here. Some say we don’t seem legit talking wrestling and some say WWE has a big audience and is on TV SO WE NEED TO COVER IT! So without further ado here is our WWE correspondent Steve to talk some Wrastling.

WrestleMania Vince McMahon will tell you it’s the biggest spectacle in sports right?  Usually at this time everybody is excited about the matches and the build has been weeks in the making but not this year. We just found out who will be challenging The Undertakers 20- 0 streak 2 weeks ago and what was once billed as once in a lifetime match at WrestleMania last year is now happening again with John Cena facing The Rock or what he likes to be called Dwayne Johnson.  WrestleMania is only a week and a half away and there has been no hype and no momentum going into MetLife stadium in NY/NJ. If somebody would of told me that WrestleMania would be at Metlife stadium I would of thought “whoa that’s going to be a epic card” but Vince McMahon seemed to throw this WrestleMania together faster than he thought of the Max Moon character. There had to be no thought going into this.  WM matches are usually oneds you have been wating to see but this years they are all repeat matches that we have already seen. Going into a WM we usually have a champion that is out on about promoting WM but the champion this year is The Rock..Excuse me Dwayne Johnson and yeah he has been doing the talk show rounds appearing on all the late night talk shows ect ect but The Rock has not brought up the fact that not only is WM coming in 2 weeks but he also fails to mention that he is the WWE CHAMP! Instead The Rock went on all these shows to promote his GI JOE 2 movie which if it is anything like the first one then it will be awful anyways. So here we go our Main event for WrestleMania the biggest spectacle in sports and The WWE is not even promoting it. If that’s not bad enough the WWE champ is hardly even on TV on Monday Nights. This years WM has been a mess plain and simple. Undertaker VS Punk is a rushed storyline and is not believable that Punk even has a chance. WWE is banking on people just simply ordering on PPV just because it’s WM.  The possible scenario that could happen that could actually make this WrestleMania a history making one would be if John Cena loses and becomes a heel but the fact that it is super Cena and WWE is in the TVPG land and Cena sells. So it’s unlikely WWE pulls the trigger and gives the audience somethingspecial


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