Justified never did hit it’s stride

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized





Well one more episode left and we are left not excited.  It was another boring episode of a boring season of Justified, nothing new here. We were really hoping we would of got a exciting episode leading up to the finale to save this awful season but sadly we did not. What a shame…. Justified was such a excellent show, season 1 was fantastic, season 2 was slow until the end and season 3 was the best so we at Reviews of the tube were hoping for a fantastic follow up season but we are disappointed. Everything went wrong in season 4, there was no real villain and not enough action,drama and suspense to keep us hooked. All season 4 had to offer was the whole Drew Thompson thing which turned out disappointing. It was predictable and not exciting. Drew Thompson as we said last week should of been a better character, someone who you were not expecting. Most people were really hoping it was going to be Chief Deputy Art.  As far as I know now Justified has not announced yet for a season 5 so if this is the end what a horrible way to go out, going out on the worst season in the shows history. We still got the finale so let’s hope somehow they make it epic and salvage the season the but would 1 episode make us all forget the previous bad episodes in season 4.



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