Justified 2 episodes left

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well that seemed really quick… Justified only has 2 episodes left for this weak season, outside of 1 or 2 good episodes this season has not been very good. Justified just had no juice like it did last season it had no great villain. It was just kind of there and we just watched and waited for something big but it never came. The big thing was who was Drew Thompson and honestly that was not that big of a surprise nor was it that big of a deal.he Readers on here are all saying they were hoping  Drew Thompson was going to be the Chief Deputy Art Mullen. I think that would of been a great idea and really pumped some fire in the ass of Justified but instead they went with the obvious and a character who is not really a big player in the show. We still got 2 more episodes so who’s to say Justified does not pull out all the stops and somehow salvage this bad season and make it yet another epic season of Justified? I feel as if this very well could happen and the reason why I feel this way is because after all this drew Thompson mess we still have Boyd in the mix. Nothing makes Justified more fun than a great Boyd vs Raylan shoot out. I’m just hoping they don’t kill  off Boyd, if they do that they mine as well not go on for another season. So for all the ROTT Nation and Justified fanatics out there don’t panic!

Here is the reasons why:

Boyd, If Boyd is around then we know anything could and will happen.

Duffy, What’s his next move?  More importantly how is this guy still alive!

Winonna, Yes Wionna! Remember her? She has to make some sort of appearance now. Maybe she has the baby?

Colt and Deputy Tim Gutterson: You know this fight is going to happen


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