Banshee and Cinemax has done it

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized



Season 1 is wrapped up and Banshee has moved into greatness. Banshee has cemented it”s self into one of the greatest opening seasons of any TV show of all time….At least according to we at ROTT but if you are keeping score at home then you know ROTT is the only review/critic site that really matters. Prison Break currently does hold the title as #1 in our minds.. We will make a whole thread on this subject later but for now let’s stay on topic with Banshee’s greatness. Banshee ended Friday night with a bang, we got sex,Blood,Violence,guns and some kick ass fights but isn’t that every episode of Banshee? Yeah it is but Banshee managed to actually tie up some knots with the story telling as well as keeping you interested enough to hold on for a year fro season 2. Most shows season finales usually don’t measure up especially if it’s just a season finale they usually leave you hanging for wanting more answers. Banshee does not fuck you over.


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