The Tonight Show with..Howard Stern?

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

News hit this morning that Howard Stern could possibly be the next host of a late night talk show on NBC. NBC is expected to give Jimmy Fallon Jay Leno’s slot in 2014 and Howard Stern would take Fallons time slot. Howard Stern as a late night host, would that work? It could but which Howard would we get? Would we get the Howard from his morning show who is funny and quick witted or we would we get the lame tame Howard from AGT. The show is more than likely would be on at 12am est time so FCC could be looser than at prime time. The other question is if we do get the good Howard would he be able to get A list guest? It’s no secret that publicist are afraid to have their clients go on the Stern Radio show. They are worried their clients might have to answer questions the public really wants to know. For example I don’t know if it’s just me but I would like to know if Jennifer Anniston enjoys anal. This could be all nonsense and none of it could be true, in fact it could of been a planted story by Howards agent to get his client’s name in the paper because AGT is currently taping. If true though one thing is certain it would be a step up from the lame duck Jay Leno. It’s remarkable to me that Leno still has the highest ratings. I believe this could be either from people falling asleep with their TVs on or be from people watching their local news at 11 and just not bothering to change the channel or people simply can’t find their remotes. I can’t figure out any other reason since Jay Leno is such a bore fest.
If Howard does take the job that would that be the end of the radio show? I always felt Howard came off a bit strange on TV, almost like he is over acting and over thinking the whole thing. When Howard does TV it does not feel authentic like his radio show does. Howard is best when things are not planned out and he is just rolling with the punches so a late night show does worry me a bit but if I had a choice Leno or Stern I’m taking Howard all day..
Baba Booey to yall


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