Watching a dead walking dead show

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

WalkingDeadSeasonI bet the title of this post confused you right? Well that is the same way I feel when I watch the current Walking Dead. Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 is about to air in 2 hours and will I be watching? Yup… Will I be completely bored? Probably so. So why do I continue to watch this show that moves nowhere and makes absolutely no sense anymore? Well I guess It’s like smoking, It’s a habit. Whatever the case may be I’m still watching this show for some strange reason. I think it all comes down to the first season being so well done, so perfect you just go back every Sunday night at 9pm hoping and praying you will see something like you witnessed in season 1. Season 2 and 3 has not been very good and most of all does not make any sense. Remember season 1 when the gang had to wear zombie guts around their bodies so the Walkers would not smell them? Well in season 2 the group proved all you got to do is hind under a car and POOF they walkers will never know you are there!
How about in Season 1 when the gang would not want to fire guns because that would attract walkers since they react to loud noise and follow it? Well in season 2 the writers must of forgotten about that since the gang would have target practice on the farm and the group never mentioned that maybe the walkers would hear the rounds and rounds of guns going off. Season 1 was so great with detail and perfection but now that we are in season 3, well all that goes out the window. Maybe it’s my fault, Maybe I expected too much after season 1. I mean season 1 had a action packed episode every week and now we get action sometimes in the last 5 min of the episode or we get no action at all. Sometimes they just throw in 1 random zombie killing on a episode just to show they are indeed still a show about zombies and not just a very boring show with a ton of talking. 2 weeks ago we had a episode that got really good in the last 5 min of the show, it had action and suspense that put you on the edge of your seat but then the episode ended and the world could not wait for the following week to see the battle continue! Well….. The following weeks episode started off but there was no more action, they just decided to start the episode with the aftermath of what happened. Then we got right back in to all that talking. Honestly can you name one episode in S2 and S3 that even compares to any episode in S1? Walking Dead is now all about “stay tuned till next week” The show is full of filler until the last 5 min, right when the show starts getting good then BOOM! Stay tune….Only to have the same thing happen again and again..
Will the show ever get good again? I hope so cause I love Zombies but I don’t know how much more STAY TUNE I can take


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