FX just does it right

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

FX-Network-postFX has decided it will go on with a second season of The Americans. This is very good news considering The Americans is one of the best shows on TV. FX has made some awful decisions in the past including canceling one of Review of the tubes top shows of all time Lights Out. FX really dropped the ball with that one and it also cancelled a show called Terriers that was just starting to catch on and be very good so when the news came out that The Americans will go on we were thrilled and excited. FX maybe has learned it’s lesson after all it did also keep Justified going despite not having monster ratings but FX knew Justified had a audience and it’s such a well done show. Think about it if FX decided Justified was going to get the death penalty after season 1 then Margo Martindale would of never got her EMMY. FX in our opinion is the best network on TV. FX after all is the network that will always carry the title for The Shield. The Shield will go down as the best TV show in history when it’s all said and done. At least it will go down on our list. If you just sit and think about it FX carries some of the best shows on TV. Sons of Anarchy, Justified and The Americans is a really impressive line up of great drama. If you have not watched The Americans now is the time to start. It airs 10pm every Wed night.

Review of the tube will be doing out top 10 greatest shows of all time very soon and when it’s all said and done the way The Americans is going they could very well land on that list in the future


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